Our Departments

An Overview of the Departments in PHML

Our operational effectiveness is made possible through exceptional collaboration amongst these departments.

Our team-spirit is simply remarkable!

Medical Services/QAAdministration & HRFinance & AccountsICTBusiness Development

The Department of Medical Services and Quality Assurance is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that Police personnel under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) receive quality, accessible and prompt health care services. This is achieved by regular monitoring of health care service delivery to Officers and Men of the Nigeria Police Force and their families by Health Care Providers (HCPs) accredited by the Scheme.

The department is divided into the following four (4) units:


The unit processes fee-for-service claims in line with the approved NHIS Drug tariffs and Service Charges for payment to secondary/tertiary healthcare providers that render services on referrals from other accredited healthcare providers.  Primary health care providers can also be paid on fee-for-service basis for emergency cases.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The unit ensures quality health care delivery to enrollees by continuous monitoring and evaluation of healthcare facilities.

Encounter Management

The unit handles the collation, entry and analysis/reporting of encounter returns from hospitals.  Reports from the data analysis play an integral role in ensuring quality health status of our enrollees.

Quality Assurance

The unit interfaces with enrollees and providers to ensure quality health care delivery to officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force and their families (enrollees).


This department is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring seamless operations in the organisation by providing administrative and logistic assistance to all departments in meeting up with their daily duties. Resolve identified problems within the office space or building. It has the responsibility of managing the company’s physical assets and utilities. It’s also responsible for the security of the premises, its perimeter and access control as well as quality and cost control.

Serves as major hub to other departments

The Department has 5 Sub-units:

  1. Customer Care
  2. Facility Management
  3. Procurement
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Support services

Our goal is to continually Challenge the status quo by embracing and initiating beneficial changes that result in continuous improvement in service delivery and organizational satisfaction. As we look for new and innovative ways to improve our processes and service delivery, to provide extraordinary service in a professional manner.

Providing a wide range of services and work tools to enhance productivity in the organization.

Human Resources

This department offers human resources management, focus on improving processes and practices within the organization. Our Human Resources creates an atmosphere of openness, trust, and support, so employees can readily admit mistakes, assume responsibility, and apply resources to fix problems. We believe in hiring qualified individuals to fill positions at the company to contribute to the overall strategic success of the Company.

The unit organizes continuous development of staff through training, mentoring and retention of talent. Working for the improvement of staff welfare to ensure staff motivation and loyalty.

This department is manned by highly energetic and motivated staff, overseeing the Finance and Accounting.

It is headed by a Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria with experience spanning over 25 years in the Banking, Educational Institutions and Consulting.

The Information & Communications Technology Department is the backbone of the entire PHML operations and comprises the following three (3) units:

Call Center

This unit runs a 24hrs a day, every day of the week operation, serving as the main contact point for the organization. The unit provides immediate responses to telephone inquiries and responds to referral/authorization code requests with utmost expediency.

Data Center

The unit is responsible for data storage, management, security and distribution to staff who require access to them to make informed and strategic decisions about PHML operations.

Core ICT

This unit is responsible for developing IT strategies that support the organization’s objectives, developing and supporting the network to support effective communication and collaboration, IT infrastructure security, ensuring that the IT infrastructure remains operational and offering support to all PHML staff to enable them function more effectively.

This department is saddled with the mandate to ensuring that officers and men of the Nigerian Police are adequately enrolled and receiving satisfactory medical services under the NHIS. The department among others engages in:

Sensitization, prospecting, developing and engaging in other means of activities that generate interest from potential clients (enrollees).

Periodic sensitization exercises in commands, divisions, barracks etc. nationwide to inform existing and prospective clients (enrollees), keeping them properly updated /informed on the workings of the scheme.

Identifying new potentials for ultimate enrollment in the scheme.

Review/build good rapport/relationships with new and existing enrollees.