Retiree Scheme

We perfectly understand that our Police Retirees have given the best of their years, youth, strength, experience, and lots more to the service of the nation. As their health begin to fail in their twilight years, we are proud to be able to give back to them by ensuring that their health is well taken care of and in no way neglected. We do this by giving our Retirees the opportunity to be enrolled into the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) so that they can access quality medical care.

This is to ensure that no retired Police officer, anywhere in the country, irrespective of rank on retirement, is left out from having full access to all NHIA services and benefits as covered by the coverage plan.

This scheme covers the retiree and the spouse. In a case where the Retiree is deceased, the spouse is still entitled to same and equal medical services as covered under the NHIA.

To register into the Retiree scheme of the NHIA, call us on 09061129318.