Continuous sensitization and education of NHIA enrollees on the guidelines, workings, rights and the benefits of the scheme is one of our core responsibilities. We pride ourselves as one of the very few HMOs that earnestly undertake this mandate. We do this to ensure that our enrollees are adequately informed with accurate information about the scheme and to know steps to take during health emergency.

Through sensitization, enrollees are reminded of the importance of regular medical check-up, dangers of self-medication and other advantages that are available to them when they visit their hospitals.

We believe that a well-informed enrollee makes better choices as it relates to regular medical check-up, self-medication etc., even if that will mean us paying more bills as a result of increased visits to the hospital by our enrollees.

We prioritize your health over any payment we could ever make.

All we care about is you!

To know more about your rights and benefits under the scheme, kindly visit our Frequently Asked Question page or call us on 09061129318.