Tertiary Interventions
Tertiary Interventions

Tertiary services is a creation of the Police HMO, aimed to cater for those ailments not covered under the NHIA list of medical services. They fall under the category of either partial or total exclusion list. Application is opened to all officers, irrespective of their ranks, gender or place of assignments. Same is extended to their family members.

So far, numerous officers from across the country have benefitted from the programme. Laid down procedure for the application includes the following steps:

1) From any of the Police Hospital, through a referred tertiary hospital
2) The request for assistance letter should be addressed to the office of the Force Medical Officer with the following attachments:
a) A referral letter from the Chief Medical Director or referring consultant.
b) Medical bill contained in the hospital's letter headed paper fully signed and stamped by the relevant personnel.
3) Other items to come along with during the interview session includes;
a) A referral letter from either a teaching hospital, specialist hospital, federal medical center or a private specialized hospital.
b) The letter must bear the logo and address of the referring hospital, full names and signature of either the Chief Medical Director (CMD) or referring consultant, detailed medical report, with the relevant investigations and provisional or tentative diagnosis.
c) Any other relevant document(s) that will support the application.
4) A periodic interview is conducted by the technical committee of the Board of Directors on the prospective applicant.
5) It is a first come, first serve basis except in an emergency situation.
6) Assistance is dependent on availability of funds.
7) No refund of medical expenses incurred but ongoing treatment and follow ups are paid for.
8) Payment is made directly to the hospital's account except in exceptional circumstances.